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Saeed's research interests fall within the field of audiovisual translation (AVT), he is so much interested   in dubbing and voice-over and in particular technical issues of AVT. Drawing on descriptive translation studies, he has extensively worked on dubbing. From an interdisciplinary research field perspective, he has linked music and tranlsation (MAT) to AVT in the case of dubbing and subtitling.


I am currently working on Media Accessibility-both intralingual audiodiscription and intralingual subtitling- from the point of view of MAT and AVT as well as conducting empirical research on reception of dubbing in the context of Iran.


My other principal interests lie in the development and application of new research methods for studying AVT. (see my Master's thesis).


Main Areas of Research:

cultural representation in dubbing

technical issues in AVT

audience and reception in dubbing

translation by fans in the world of media

translation of popular music



If you've got any questions regarding Audiovisual Translation in particular Dubbing & Voice-over, here’s you can reach me ( That's hands down, the best way to contact me :) ).


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